Comments about Tapestry Online Learning Journals

“Very useful. Allowed us to see his progress and what he got up to at school.”

 “Great tool”

“It was good to see development of our child through videos and photos.”

“Tapestry was a very good initiative and I hope it will continue to next class.”

“Fantastic, really enjoyed using this as often when asking a child what they have done is usually ‘not much’ or ‘can’t remember’. Excellent way of communicating your child’s learning.”

“Really informative, have enjoyed watching [my child’s] progress.”

“Excellent for communication.”

“We’ve enjoyed seeing what [my child] has got up to in class. We also liked how we could share his out of school experiences.”

“Didn’t like it at first but loved it, wish we could of started at the beginning.”

 “Great idea, really easy to put things on and great to see what they are doing at school.”

“I loved having access to this. It’s a fantastic way to see what great things the children do in Reception.”

“I love looking through Tapestry to see [my child’s] achievements.”

“I think this is a great idea and lovely that you can look back to see how they have progressed.”


Comments about the transition process from EYFS to KS1


“[My child] enjoyed this.”

 “Happy with process”

“This was very nice and greatly appreciated”

“Really good, [my child] enjoyed spending time in his new environment as can sometimes struggle with change.”

“Really positive.”

“[My child] seems happy, so process seems to run smoothly.”

 “Great, [my child] hasn’t moaned once and he doesn’t like change.”

“This was a fantastic way to ease the children into their new class and new teacher.”

“So far [my child] is excited and enjoyed his days in Year 1.”

“Very good”


Comments about EYFS school trips

 “He enjoyed both.”

“[My child] enjoyed both.”

“Really enjoyed this”

“It was good to get the kids out of class to further their learning.”

“Stick Man was a good trip.”

 “[My child] enjoyed his school trips, he especially liked Ryton as he was more involved and got to muck in!”

“[My child] loved both trip, they have both been on her highlighted moments list.”

“Interesting and education trips”

“I think [my child] enjoyed both trips. He especially enjoyed Ryton – he has lots to tell us.”

“Fab she love Ryton Pool.”

“[My child] didn’t stop talking about Ryton Pools for days after.”

“[My child] loved both trips, they are great experiences for the children. I think [my child] would have liked more.”

 “[My child] has always enjoyed his school trips, especially the coach trips.”

“My child really enjoyed the trip to Ryton Pools.”


Comments about open evenings

 “All quite informative. Any queries answered well.”

“All useful.”


“Meetings were welcoming and informative.”

“Meeting were very useful.”

“Very informative every time and really good presentations and power points. Exact information given and instructions to follow.”

“All very informative.”

“We’ve been happy with all information we received and it’s good to be included with new developments.”


“The meetings I could attend were very informative and didn’t go on longer than necessary.”

“Meetings are very informative and a great way to address any concerns.”

“I really enjoyed having the chance to come along and find out ways to support [my child].”


Comments about communication from the EYFS team

 “Excellent! Mrs Harris is just great – a real asset to the team.”

 “The communication was excellent.”

“Good, teaching assistants also good at relaying any concerns.”

“Newsletters and weekly challenges have been great.”

“Excellent and TA always around in the mornings.”


“Very good”

“The newsletters are great each week and always easy to talk to if ever needs.”

“The newsletters are brilliant, telling us what’s been happening and what’s coming up next week.

“I love receiving the Reception Reporter each week as [my child] normally won’t say what we he has been doing each week.”